Holistic Health-care Consulting Rajesh Alwa, Body/Mind Therapist making life better one person at a time
Holistic Health-care ConsultingRajesh Alwa, Body/Mind Therapistmaking life better one person at a time

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Last night I gave my 3 year old neice a treatment.  When she was 3 days old she had open-heart surgery to fix the circulatory dysfunction with which she was born.  She came through all that and is a vibrant 3 year old.  I held her chest, anterior and posterior, and came to STILLNESS.  Her thorax went into an unwinding series of releases which entered into my throax.  It rocked me, and shook me, but I held on until she was done using me to undo the muscle memory into my body.  I wept and wept, and asked to take all her pain.  The next day I was exhausted. The next morning she slept late into the morning, which was out of charcter for her.  I held her cranium and sacrum while she continuued to sleep deeply and had releases in her lower and upper extremities, and it culminated in releases in her maxilla and mandible with a sucking behavior in her face.  That night my whole torso was screaming with burning in my right hip and left chest.  I am glad to take on Luciana pain for a night so that she can be done with it,  for the rest of her life. Peace be with her. 

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