Holistic Health-care Consulting Rajesh Alwa, Body/Mind Therapist making life better one person at a time
Holistic Health-care ConsultingRajesh Alwa, Body/Mind Therapistmaking life better one person at a time

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All the suffering that is present in us can be traced back to 4 fundamental dysfunctions in our lives.  They are (1) chronic malnutrition, (2) chronic imbalance of the nervous system, (3) chronic hypoxia (oxygen starvation), and (4) chronic dehydration.  To change this we have to flip it. That is, the solution to all our suffering is (1) Food, (2) Love/Light, (3) Oxygen, and (4) Water.  We will help you to find the the FLOW.

I am Rajesh Alwa, been practicing sitting meditation for 30 years and Cranio-sacral Therapy for 25 years.  If you have suffered trauma; physical/emotional/psychic, it is important that the micro-biomechanics of your central nervous system be put back into good working order, so that the template of your consciousness be able to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing demands of your life.  Neuro-plasticity is the new focus for brain health.  We can help you regain and enhance the neuroplasticity of your central nervous system. 

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